Kite Design Workshops                      

Go Fly Your Kite uses proper material kites for all our workshops, flexible, robust fibre glass rods, 30 metres of string & handle & kite tails. 

We have experience in delivery of large and small workshops - minimum of 20 required with no upper limit.

In out approach with high foot fall to ensure demand is met without the need of timed session workshops

Individual chooses particular coloured blank kite. 

Artwork is chosen to trace with coloured indelible ink.

Tutors instill confidence in individuals and promote social interaction and artistic skills.

Music is played to create a relaxed inspiring atmosphere

Particular themes can be chosen for particular kite events.

All children are instructed how to assemble their kite 

All children are advised on kite safety 

Kite assembled

Dependant on weather and location - kids are taken to Go Fly their Kite they have designed.