We want to tell you a little about ourselves at Go Fly Your Kite.  We are a passionate business.  We have a wealth of experience working with children. 

We see a unique opportunity to work with a variety of groups within our community or anywhere else in the British Isles  to design kites, that's not all we do by focusing on our kite design we also help build individual confidence, creativity, artistic skill, we believe in total positivity for all those taking part.  

Working with schools (STEM Project), preschool nurseries, youth groups, council events, festivals, corporate events & parties we have experience with working with a wide spectrum of children, young people and adults.

There is nothing at Go Fly Your Kite we consider to be wrong when kites are being designed.  The only way is up in our book.  So why not book a workshop  with us by clicking here 

We will be delighted to discuss with your school, youth organisation, or business about our tailor made workshops & events to suit your needs.