1.  How long does a  kite workshop take? 

Up to 20 children takes 90 minutes 

2.  What age range do the workshops cater for? 

From 4 years old upwards

3.  What do you do in the workshop?

Participants choose a kite, choose and image, trace the image onto the kite and the kite is flown at the end of the workshop

4.  Is the workshop weather or season related?

No, we can run the workshop indoors or outdoors. The kites we use are able to be flown indoors at the end of the workshop, subject to space. Our workshops are not seasonal we run workshops 12 months of the year. 

5. Is there a minimum number to run a workshop?

Yes, we have a minimum number of 20 to run a workshop with no maximum upper limit.

6.  How many kite tutors does it take to run a workshop?

30 participants = 1 tutor / 30 - 60 participants = 2 tutors / 60 -90 participants = 3 tutors 

7. What is the cost to run a workshop.? 

The cost is based on per kite and kite tutor per hour.   The volume of kites determines the price you pay.  The kite tutor fee is based on £45 for 90 minute session or £30 per hour.  We operate a flat rate of workshops over three hours for £100 flat fee per tutor.

9.  Any other costs?

We have a very small mileage charge outside the Greater Belfast area when travelling within Northern Ireland and mileage costs applied to travel for UK and Ireland, including travel, accommodation and subsistence costs. Contact us here for more information.  

10. Where do you travel to run your workshops?

We are an outsourced family business and we operate all over the UK and Ireland.

11.. Do you have public liability insurance?


12. Do you have child protection certification?

yes, both within UK and Ireland

13. Do we have a child protection policy?


14. Do we have risk assessments for our activity?


15.  How can customers pay you ?

Cash, cheque, invoice or online payment option.  

16. How do you book a workshop with Go Fly Your Kite?

email us / call or text us:  UK 07921510152 ROI 00447921510152 / Facebook page  / Twitter